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Hearing loss- fact, fiction and myths
There are many common myths about hearing loss and hearing aids. Please read on to see just what is fact, and what is fiction!
Most hearing loss can be resolved by surgery

FALSE – Less than 10% of adults with a hearing loss can benefit from surgery. For most people who are hearing impaired, no medical treatment can be prescribed. Although no medical treatment is available – be re-assured. Hearing help is still available and your quality of life can be improved.

Hearing loss is rare

FALSE – Although you may feel alone, hearing loss is not rare. One in six Australians are hearing-impaired. That means that over 20% of all Australians (over 15 years of age), or more than 3 and a half million people in Australia have some degree of hearing loss.

I’m too young to have a hearing loss

FALSE – Despite hearing loss most commonly being associated with our older population, the fact is the majority of people who are hearing impaired are younger than 65. In Australia, there are almost 2 million hearing impaired people who are aged between 18 and 45.

My hearing loss cannot be helped

FALSE - Over 95% of people with a hearing loss can experience a significant and noticeable improvement in their quality of life.

Improvements in technology with hearing aids, assistive listening devices, as well as comprehensive hearing rehabilitation by your audiologist will help you hear better.

Hearing aids are too expensive

There are a variety of different hearing aids available on the market, and these may vary greatly in price. Your hearing professional should be able to recommend some form of hearing assistance that is within your budget.

Although hearing aids may appear expensive at first, they are very sophisticated technology and are often an excellent investment in your health and happiness.

I would know if I have a hearing loss

NOT NECESSARILY: For most people, their hearing loss has developed gradually over a long period of time. They have adapted to living with their loss and have often forgotten what it is like to hear properly. Usually family and friends are the first to notice a problem.

Hearing aids are large and obvious

FALSE: There are new developments in hearing aid technology, with many small and very discreet models of hearing aids now available. Often hearing aids are being referred to as near invisible. The new styles may include Completely in the Canal hearing aids, or Open Fit instruments. Please click here to see the styles of hearing aids that are now available.

My hearing loss doesn't affect my life

FALSE: Hearing loss is a silent disability that affects communication in all aspects of life. It affects our communication with our family, our friends, neighbours and even strangers. Hearing loss puts a strain on relationships and can also affect working and social lives. There are many known effects of a hearing loss including anxiety, isolation, withdrawal and depression.

Hearing tests are expensive and unnecessary

FALSE: Hearing tests are surprisingly affordable and are important in understanding the degree of hearing losses (if any). A hearing test may also give you peace of mind. To find a hearing provider, click here.