How to enjoy the festive season with hearing loss

The festive season is nearly here. It’s a wonderful time of celebration with friends and loved ones. For people with hearing loss though, parties and family gatherings can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t despair! There’s a lot you can do to make sure you have plenty of fun during this special time of the year.

Be prepared

If you wear hearing aids, now’s the time to give your hearing aids a service to make sure they’re in the best condition. If it’s been a while since your last hearing assessment, it’s also a good idea to get your hearing checked in case your hearing has changed.

Speak up

Don’t be afraid to let people know how they can help make a party or family gathering easier for you. If background noise is getting in the way of a conversation with someone, it’s OK to ask if you can go to a different place to talk. If loud music is playing, you could ask the host to turn it down. Most people are glad to have some guidance on how to best accommodate your needs so you can relax and enjoy the occasion.

Talk one-on-one

We all know that large group conversations can be hard to follow when you’ve got hearing loss. Where possible, keep conversations one-on-one, or ask a partner or friend to help you keep track.

Watch where you stand or sit

Your placement in a room or at a table plays a large part in how easily you follow conversation. Ideally, you’ll be able to see everyone as it will make it easier to lip read and monitor body language. If the situation doesn’t allow for that, try standing in front of a wall as sound quality is improved where the noises are all happening in front of you.

Invest in some handy products

There are plenty of products that can help in large group settings. For example, there are directional hearing aids which have exceptional performance when it comes to cutting out background noise. You may also wish to invest in an accessory such as the Roger Pen which can be placed at a table close to the source you wish to listen in to. Check out our product section to browse our range of aids, devices and accessories.

Relax and have fun!

Parties and large group gatherings can be draining when you have hearing loss. It’s easy to find yourself feeling stressed and anxious. Try to relax and take a break when you need to. A short, quiet stroll outside may be all you need to clear your mind so you can go back into the party refreshed and ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of the festive season.

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