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About hearing loss

What are the early signs of hearing loss?

Do you:

- turn up the TV louder than others prefer?
- strain to understand conversations in busy places?
- feel others are constantly mumbling?
- often get asked to repeat yourself?
- sometimes miss the doorbell or a ringing phone?
- experience buzzing or ringing in your ears (also known as tinnitus)?

If you or a loved one has experienced even just one of the above, talk to a hearing specialist today.

Or if you’re concerned about your child’s hearing, read about some specific signs of hearing loss among babies and toddlers.

What causes hearing loss?

As people get older, it’s natural to experience changes in hearing.  Hearing loss can impact people at any age, however studies show that the condition often appears after 50 years old.  

Another leading cause of hearing loss is over exposure to loud noise.  Without even realising it, people may be damaging their ears with what they do in their leisure and work activities.  Loud concerts, ambulance sirens and even electric drills can cause harm if people are not careful.  Happily, noise-related hearing loss can be prevented with these simple tips.

Facts and figures

Hearing loss is experienced by:

- One in six Australians
- Over 50% of over 50-years old
- Over 60% of over 60-years old

Did you know?

- It takes an average of 6-10 years for us to act on hearing loss
- Only 15% of adults with hearing loss wear hearing aids
- One in seven Australians will be negatively impacted by tinnitus

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