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What does an Audiologist do?

At Hearing Help, our Australian Hearing audiologists get asked all sorts of questions about hearing and hearing health. Among the most common is, 'what exactly is an audiologist and what do they do?'

An audiologist is one of the most important people when it comes to your hearing health. They are highly qualified clinicians who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and tinnitus.

They help people at all stages of life, from newborns through to seniors, though some may specialise in certain areas. Their role incorporates conducting hearing assessments, hearing aid prescription, fitting and management of hearing aids as well as rehabilitation and evaluation of more complex hearing concerns.

Audiologists have an undergraduate university degree as well as a two-year master’s degree in audiology. To keep up with continual advances and research in hearing sciences and human communications, their training is on-going throughout their whole career.

So, in essence an audiologist is a good person to speak to about any questions or concerns you may have around hearing health.

All the clinicians at Hearing Help are accredited audiologists, so you can be assured that when you call us you’re talking to the experts. And not only that, you’re talking to experts with a true passion for what they do.

Hearing Help audiologist Amy Phelan has eight years’ experience under her belt and loves helping people with their hearing goals, however large or small they may be.

It’s the challenge of finding ways to address each individual’s specific needs that I really enjoy about my job, sometimes that’s through technology, other times it could be simple communications strategies, and often it’s a combination of the two.
Amy Phelan Hearing Specialist
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