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Why us?

Our specialists are accredited, Australian-based audiologists.

Our team is on-call and ready to offer practical advice and information to help all Australians care for their hearing and wellbeing. Let us answer your questions or concerns online, by phone, in our centres or even in your home.

World-leading research

National Acoustic Laboratories, our research division, works at the forefront of research into hearing loss and treatment.

Since 1947, NAL has investigated advancements and challenges in hearing science, technology and innovation for the benefit of all Australians.

National coverage

We're not just online. We also have 600+ Australian Hearing permanent and pop-up centres across the country. Our hearing busses travel to more than 2,300 locations and our clinicians delivered more than 30,000 homes visits to clients annually.

Whether you need help recognising the signs of hearing loss, finding the best hearing device or managing tinnitus, we’re here to help. Our experts offer practical advice and information to help you care for your hearing and overall wellbeing.

The Hearing Help team

Meet our caring and dedicated staff who are on-call waiting to answer your questions.

Our experts offer practical advice and information to help you care for your hearing and overall wellbeing.

Carol Watt

Hearing Specialist


With more than two decades of experience under her belt, Carol Watt has personally seen the development of the hearing health industry over the years. Carol’s one of our most esteemed clinical coaches at Australian Hearing and when she’s not offering advice at Hearing Help, she’s training and developing our next generation of audiologists.

“Audiology was a great fit for my two degrees of linguistics and psychology. It’s a hands-on way to change and improve people’s quality of life. I also have a real soft spot for my young clients, some of which I’ve seen grow from babies to university students!”

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Louise Every

Hearing specialist


When it comes to Hearing Help, Louise loves reaching out to people who aren't necessarily ready to step into a clinic or speak to an audiologist in person. She believes that it’s important to make expert advice accessible for all, so they can reap the rewards of our hearing solutions.

“It’s pretty amazing to see someone’s face light up when they can hear clearly after not being able to hear well for a long period of time. It gives you a real sense of satisfaction knowing how much our clients appreciate what we are doing for them.”

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Sally Hardy

Hearing specialist


Sally’s passion for audiology came to life after working in a South African school for children with special education needs. Fast forward to today, Sally specialises in offering counsel and rehabilitation services for people who have special needs, in addition to hearing loss. When she’s not offering advice at Hearing Help, Sally works closely with children and teens to improve their hearing and wellbeing.

“I always knew I wanted to work with people and in the health field. I love being able to improve people’s quality of life by helping them achieve their hearing goals.”

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Amy Phelan

Hearing specialist


With eight years' experience in audiology, Amy specialises in the area of adult rehabilitation. This involves tailoring programs to help people adjust to their hearing loss, exploring the right hearing solutions and teaching best communication practices.

“I love the challenge of helping people improve their hearing through the use of technology and communication strategies. It’s also really rewarding to see people overcome some of the misconceptions they have around hearing aids.”

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