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What I noticed with the new hearing aids is that I'm hearing sounds with much greater clarity... I'm hearing people with  far greater precision.”

For former teacher and senior education administrator Jack Baseley, adjusting where he sat in meetings and paying close attention to a speaker, were common practices he put up with at the end of his career. It wasn’t until retirement however, that he decided to finally take action and do something about his hearing.

That was over six years ago, with Jack now heavily involved in volunteer work including teaching bridge through the University of the Third Age and leading tours for the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. But it was working in some of these noisy environments where he was still experiencing difficulties hearing voices clearly, even with the assistance of hearing aids.

His audiologist at Australian Hearing Dee Why heard his concerns and suggested he try out an advanced hearing aid technology called Binax. And for Jack, the new aids have made a huge impact.

“What I noticed with the new aids is that I’m hearing sounds with much greater clarity,” he said.

“They are also much more effective in cutting out background noise. I’m finding it far less disturbing and not causing me to miss out on things as much. It’s silenced the noise around me very effectively. When leading a tour for example, I’ve found it a lot easier if I’m taking question, I’m hearing people with far greater precision.”

Jack Basely, New South Wales


Most of my friends don’t even know I’m wearing hearing aids because they are so small, which gives me a lot  more confidence.”

Local choir member Johanna Van Halen received a huge shock six years ago when she suddenly lost more than 60 per cent of hearing in her right ear.

“It sounds crazy but I was in the shower one day when I suddenly realised my hearing was gone,” said Mrs Van Halen.

Numerous doctor’s appointments were unable to identify what caused her hearing loss but Mrs Van Halen was undeterred and decided to seek help from Australian Hearing.

She was quickly fitted with hearing aids, which meant she hasn’t had to give up being part of her local choir.

“I’ve been singing in a local choir for nearly seven years and my new hearing aids allow me to better hear what I’m singing and what the rest of the choir is singing. It’s now also easier for me to go to the cinemas, because my hearing aids will automatically lower the volume of sound so that it isn’t too loud for me.”

Mrs Van Halen added, “Most of my friends don’t even know I’m wearing hearing aids because they are so small, which gives me a lot more confidence. Anyone who is frustrated with not being able to hear properly should get their hearing checked.”

Johanna Van Halen, New South Wales


"I also called the Hearing Help support line and spoke to a lovely specialist who was really helpful

Q: When did you lose your hearing?
• When I was four years old, I had meningitis and spent three months in hospital
• I still remember that experience very vividly…
• As a result of the meningitis, I lost my hearing in my left ear but back in those days, hearing loss wasn’t really understood and because I could hear in my right ear I managed okay
Q: How did your hearing loss impact you at school and at work?
• I was always a good little girl at school, so I was always put in the back row and of course you have the naughty kids up front… it was the worst place to me because I had trouble hearing the teacher
• When I was 18 years old, I worked as a secretary and I remember my boss getting quite frustrated because his desk was placed on my left side and I couldn’t anything he was saying
Q: How did your hearing loss impact you socially?
• It’s always a bit tough in crowded places or at the dinner table, when someone sits on my left side because I can’t converse with them
• I also did a lot of traveling when I was younger and my heart would sink when I found out that someone was seated to the left of me, because they’d want to strike up a conversation and then I’d have to explain that I couldn’t hear them in my left ear…
Q: And how did it impact your husband and your family?
• My hearing loss wasn’t so much as an affliction than something I had to work around
• My kids actually say I have selective hearing because I can hear the things that I want to hear…
Q: So, what did you about it?
• I did get my hearing checked when I was younger and the audiologist said I was completely deaf in that ear, so hearing aids wouldn’t be any help
• So I just learned to live with it
Q: Why did you get in touch with Hearing Help?
• Recently, I’ve started to worry about the hearing in my good ear and I wanted to see if I had any problems with it so I took the online hearing test
• I also called the support line and spoke to a lovely specialist who was really helpful

Lynne Ravenhall  
, New South Wales

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